Avocado Toast

I love avocado, and if I’m not having eggs for breakfast I usually have some sort of toast, which I love to top with either peanut butter, avocado, ricotta, etc. Pictured below are two types of avocado toast I’ve done recently.

avocado toast 2

This first one is pretty straightforward. Slice up an avocado while your bread is toasting, and then top bread with avocado, then S&P to taste. The slice on the right is also topped with some hot sauce. Great quick morning fuel, and spicy foods rev up your metabolism!

avocado toast

This one took a bit more time, but was really tasty. After you toast the bread and top with sliced avocado, also add some sliced strawberries and goat cheese and toast in the toaster oven (or broil in the oven) for a couple of minutes. Not pictured is the balsamic drizzle that makes this a really delicious creamy/sweet/tangy breakfast full of nutrients and flavor your body and taste buds crave.


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