About FLE

I’m a girl who has struggled with my weight throughout most of my life, despite my knowledge of the concepts of functional exercise, nutrition and basic exercise science. To put it simply: I love to eat… I really, really love to eat. But like most people, I would deprive myself of all the things I love eating while on a weight loss regime. This ultimately always led to me eventually throwing my hands up and saying, “Screw it, I’m going to order pizza and I’m going to eat the whole thing all by myself!” To think this would make me gain weight, right?

The main reason this was such a struggle for me in the past was due to my lack of cooking experience. Five years ago I could hardly fry an egg or make boxed mac ‘n’ cheese. I had no idea how to not be miserable while trying to lose or maintain weight.

Being married to a chef has given me the courage to be more adventurous in the kitchen (with my cooking!). This newfound knowledge has propelled me in a whole new direction, and a permanent lifestyle of healthy living is finally attainable for me. I would like to share this with you.

So often I see people around me trying to lose weight the wrong way. They’ll starve themselves, they’ll load up on lean cuisines, they’ll restrict themselves to the point of exhaustion- and desperation. So badly I want them to know there’s another, better way.

That is why I’m doing this blog. To share my recipes and to help myself stay focused during my own personal journey. My recipes are based upon nutrition rich foods- not calorie counting. I use real butter, olive oil, sugar, full fat cheese, etc. (Have you ever tried to get fat-free cheese to melt? It does NOT melt… that can’t be edible and I’m not putting that into my body!) But I use these things in moderation and with a specific purpose. I am doing this for the long haul, and I love butter and cheese. If I have to say goodbye to those things, it’s just not going to work out. Am I right?!

I also plan to add a “splurge” page that will focus on the sinful recipes that my soul needs ever so often. Hey, I’m human and I have to be bad sometimes! My husband and I love to cook together, and he’s not as into the whole health thing as I am, but we make some badass food together that would be a shame not to share.

I hope you keep reading, and I hope you follow. And if you modify my recipes or have any of your own, I’d love to hear about them and try them out myself, and post them if it’s OK with you! The photos in my first several posts were taken before I realized I even wanted to do a blog, so the quality of them is not so great… Bear with me while I get my bearing on this whole blog-thing!

Happy Cooking!



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